Our group is a team of researchers who, in most cases, have made a long journey together in the study of distribution agreements and business networks.

The origin of the work on this field was in 1991 the monography "El contrato de franquicia y las nuevas normas de defensa de la competencia" published by Ed. Civitas which author was the Leader of our group  Prof. Dr. Juan Ignacio Ruiz Peris.

Thereafter, 2003, he led the first research project on franchise networks, "Desarrollo contractual de las redes de franquicia" BJU 2003-07935, to which Dr. Carmen Estevan de Quesada, Dr. Carmen Cerda Martinez Pujalte and Dr. Jaume Martí Miravalls, then Research Scholar, who was meanwhile writing his doctoral thesis under the direction of Prof. Dr. Juan Ignacio Ruiz Peris, incorporated.

Afterwards, the research field expanded to the full scope of business networks through the project SEJ 2006-14815 "Sistemas de redes empresariales. Transparencia, contratación y concurso" with the participation of the former members and in the meantime Dr. Jaume Martí Miravalls defended his doctoral thesis.

The continuity of this research is guaranteed thanks to the current projects "un Derecho para las redes empresariales " DER 2010/21114 Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación, "Governance de las Redes Empresariales"  and Prometo Program for excellent research groups of the Generalitat Valencia, both directed by prof. Dr. Juan Ignacio Ruiz Peris.

Currently the research group has increased its capacity due to the participation of Associate Professors Josu Sagasti Aurrecoechea, Javier Viciano Pastor, Francisco Gonzalez and Rafael Castilla Durá Marimon, and Carlos Gomez Asensio, Research Scholar who has also join the group and is currently writing his doctoral thesis on networks.

We expect that the future will lead us to connect to national and foreign investigation groups who work on similar or complementary issues with the intention of creating a true knowledge sharing network of European and global nature concerning the subject of our study.